Mumps outbreak declared among GAY men in Los Angeles; many already “fully vaccinated”

On 30 June 2015, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed the most restrictive vaccine mandate in the country. That law – Senate Bill 277 – went into effect on 1 July 2016, forcing every child in California to receive 40 doses of 10 different vaccines. Those who did not comply would forfeit their right to a free education in both public and private schools, and would have to be home schooled. As punishment for not toeing the government line, they would also be refused admittance to daycare facilities, preschools and after school programs. The bill is open-ended, meaning the state can add additional vaccinations to the schedule as and when they see fit.

The absolute ridiculousness of this law has been made evident by a recent outbreak of mumps in Los Angeles County, California. Over 40 people in the area – mostly gay men, or women who have social links to gay men – have been diagnosed with the disease, forcing public health officials to declare an outbreak on the first day of June. They have also issued an alert warning physicians and healthcare providers to be on the lookout for other possible cases. Seven men were diagnosed with mumps in a separate outbreak back in March.

Mumps most often spreads among those living in the same environment, or where many people gather, like in bars, gyms and theaters.

“A major factor contributing to outbreaks of mumps is being in a crowded environment,” notes the alert. “Also, certain behaviors that result in exchanging saliva, such as kissing or sharing utensils, cups, lipstick or cigarettes, may increase the spread of the virus.”

It is not clear from news reports why the outbreak seems to be focused in the gay community; certainly, there is no reason to suppose that gay men are the most likely demographic to visit nightclubs, theaters, gyms or bars. It would seem that some other common behavior is the likely trigger.

Now here comes the interesting part. According to the alert, “The majority of cases have had no documentation of complete vaccination; however, some cases were fully vaccinated [emphasis edded].”

This is by no means an isolated occurrence. In recent years there have been outbreaks of another infectious disease, measles, all over the country, and yet in every incident, many if not all those affected had dutifully received their MMR vaccine – the vaccine which supposedly protects against measles, mumps and rubella. In a 2014 outbreak in New York, for example, only two of the 20 victims had not been vaccinated. In other words, the vaccine failed in 90 percent of those who were supposed to have been protected by it. [RELATED: Discover the truth at]

What is conveniently omitted from many media reports about outbreaks, including the most recent mumps outbreak in California, is the fact that it is not the unvaccinated who spread these diseases, but instead it is often those who have just been vaccinated by a process known as “shedding.”

In the days immediately following vaccination, children and others who have been vaccinated are carriers of the live virus and expose those around them to the very disease they’re supposedly now protected against. This is borne out by the fact that women are advised to wait three months after receiving the MMR vaccine before falling pregnant, as the virus can be spread to a fetus during that time period.

Here’s a theory: What if shedding from all those children dutifully receiving their vaccines since July last year have been responsible for the spikes in mumps and measles cases in California? Of course, neither the media nor the medical community would ever admit to that. But it’s an interesting possibility, isn’t it?


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